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Running Trunk – Wire Still Here

  • bpisimone


    In a big effort to clean up my theme and make it trunk ready I’m now able to use the new activity stream.

    However my wire still shows in the userbar menu. What did I miss there? How can I clean that one? In the theme bp_get_loggedin_user_nav() still seems to be correct.

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  • I’m not entirely sure how to handle the removal of the wire yet. For now it remains, but with no support in the theme.

    There are a few options:

    1. Remove it completely and provide it as a separate plugin.

    2. Deprecate it somehow and allow people to load it if they need.

    3. Leave it as it is but turn it off by default.



    I’d go for 3, personally I like to see the wire as a geustbook or a profile comment spot, I’d like to keep using it in the future.



    Ok perfect thanks Andy. Just worried because it was gone on

    So what’s the best solution to just get it out of the userbar in between messages and groups quickly? Or do you plan to get it out of there anyway for the next stable release?

    Whatever you call it… I think we still need a way to create a new comment on someone’s “wall”, “wire”, “stream”… whatever. I LOVE the new model. It makes so much more sense to be able to comment directly on content in the stream. But there still needs to be a way to go to someone’s profile and say something new like “Hey… are we still on for tonight” or whatever. Otherwise the only way to address someone directly regarding something new is to use private messaging.

    I’m working on some sort of @username notation that will email notify that user. That should fix the concern.

    I think having others post on your profile stream is a bad idea. I dislike the way Facebook does that. If I go to your profile I want to see your activity, not others asking you questions and junking it up. I don’t mind seeing comments in reply to threads you have started though.



    I would go for option “3”

    Why not re-name the “WIRE” to “Guestbook” ?

    The user should be able to choose whether his “Guestbook” (Wire) will be visible to other users, visible only for friends or not-visible.

    wow, Andy! The @-approach is really coooOOOoooool!!!

    As far as I get that right, I still would be able to have a “wire” in a group with the notification of all members? Or do you plan anything different (better) there too (to notify all group-members)?



    the @username notation has been discussed here for a while. Great to see it used in that way. I also agree with you on the facebook-profile matter there.

    @mentions sending emails is a bad idea. Should be a

    mention on your wire/whatever it is called now.



    I think users should somehow be able to write messages on other users profile. (Not just through the private messaging system).

    I somehow like how Facebook works where you can write messages on users profile – via the activity stream or ‘a wire’ – I don’t really care!

    The point is, I think it’s a nice feature if you want to write “specific messages for specific users” and you don’t want the messages to be 100% private (like through the messaging system).

    Others should be able to see the personal message as well if they go visit that profile. (It does not necessary needs to be part of the Site Wide activity stream. Maybe if you could even choose if it should or not).

    The Wire was like a guestbook and I kinda liked that. And I thought the activity stream commenting would somehow melt together with The Wire. Or maybe there’s a better solution for this.

    I’m sure Andy will find the best solution for this. ;)

    @Andy… interesting view on posting on other people’s profiles. Maybe I just suggested that because I’m so used to it on Facebook. But you may be right. I know I find it weird when I view someone’s wall and it’s full of stuff like “Hey… call me tonight… 456-7890”. Seems more appropriate for that stuff to be private direct messages.

    But I think you could argue the point either way.

    On another issue… one thing I find slightly confusing about the new model is “comment” and “reply”. I wonder if threading in the activity feed is a bit of overkill? I think it could just be flat… just “comment” only. Not reply. But I’d be interested to hear your thinking on this too. After all… I’m sure your goal is not to simple recreate Facebook.

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