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Saving translation gives errors

  • Xevo


    Hi buddypress community,

    I’m done with translating the newest buddypress to Dutch, but when I try saving it to .po, I get a few errors and after that when I try to open the .po file with my poedit it says that the file is corrupt.

    The error log:

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:1743: missing`msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:1750: missing `msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:3184: missing `msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:3190: missing `msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:3196: missing `msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:3202: missing `msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:3208: missing `msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:4747: missing `msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: C:UsersXevoDesktopbuddypress-nl_NL.po:5943: missing `msgstr[]' section

    17:51:34: msgfmt: found 9 fatal errors

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I REALLY don’t wanna start over.



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  • danbpfr


    Xevo, it is written: missing `msgstr[]’ and found 9 fatal errors

    This means that you forgot to translate 9 strings ! The lines are indicated in the warning.

    Sometimes strings have plural form and you did’nt see that beacause the poEdit window is too small by default on his bottom frame…

    To be sure, open the po file in a text editor, it’s easier to read and to search the lines (poEdit did’nt search lines). When found the errors, do the correction and save. Open in poEdit and save also to generate a new mo file.



    These kinds of errors can also be caused by forgetting the variables (%s, %d, %1$s, etc…)

    If the original string has those, the translated string must have them also. The numbers in the error messages are which lines in the po file contain the errors. Open the .po in something that has line numbers and see what’s broken in them.



    Found the buggy lines, kind of weird because poEdit said that I was done translating. Anyway, edited them and now I can easily open it.

    Now just finding out why buddypress doesnt copy the wpmu language setting.



    Haha this is weird.. I was trying to help you solve the problem and googled for the line:

    missing `msgstr[]’ section

    Came across this post.. I’m glad you found it, because I was about to give up.. Now when I select the language in WPMU it does not seem to work..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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