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Say Hi to BuddyPress 11.0.0 “La Scala”

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  • Hi @yoshibot

    Your error log file says bp_get_deprecated_functions_versions() is not available. This function was introduced in version 11.0.0 of BuddyPress. I’ve just tested BuddyPress 11.0.0 using WordPress regular and multisite configs and I confirm when I try to login everything behaves as expected. I cannot reproduce your error.

    When I look at your previous messages in this thread, I thought you decided to roll back to BuddyPress 10.6?

    Could you please provide more information about what BuddyPress version you are using, what WordPress config you are using (regular or multisite) and how BuddyPress has been activated on your site if you are using a multisite config (eg: on the network/main site or on a subsite of the network)?



    welcome everybody
    After greeting
    I want to know a problem. When I select a private forum, the word is repeated twice: private: private:
    Template support told me not by us
    Is there any helper?



    Buddypress has profiles. This is nice. And we can send Friend Requests.
    I see
    1. Friends
    2. Requests I received

    How do I see requests I sent for friendship ?

    thank you !


    : A better place to ask about this is:

    : interesting, we don’t include such a view, what would be the benefit of it? Being able to see the awaiting requests to be able to withdraw some?



    Phill Healey


    I’m also getting the log-in issues since the update to v11.0.0.

    The login screen just displays the following message:
    “There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.”

    Nothing appears in the Debug log to indicate what the issue is.

    Deactivating BuddyPress re-enables the WP login, but BP is needed for a huge chunk of the site functionality so disabling is not a realistic option for us.



    Yes, it is a very much needed feature, to see whom we have sent Friend Requests to.
    1. We can decide whom we wish to Withdraw request from – probably if after seeing their profile, we find they do not match our idea of a friend. Helps to do this earlier than Unfriend later
    2. Also it would be good to have an option for Admin to make Usernames incremental like
    User108 will have the Username: ABCZ108
    User109 will have the Username: ABCZ109
    and so on
    User2001 will have the Username: ABCZ2001
    Can you please suggest how this can be achieved ?
    If you can give a code snippet for this, it will eliminate the need to have this field in the registration form. We wish to ensure that people dont use wierd usernames or even offensive ones. Plus it is easier for Admin tasks. Plus one less field to check for from the database, to see if a username is taken.
    Please help

    Hello @munklefish

    Have you tried deactivating all plugins except BuddyPress and activating a WordPress default theme like Twenty Twenty-Three to be sure it’s a BuddyPress issue?

    If so, what’s your setup?
    WordPress Multisite or not? WordPress version?
    If Multisite how BuddyPress has been activated? Network wide, on a specific site of the network?
    PHP version?
    Finally, could you check the error_log file of your server?

    Phill Healey


    With the 2023 theme and only BuddyPress active, I am still unable to login to the site.

    My setup is this:
    Hosting: Siteground
    WP Type: Single site
    WP Version: 6.1.1
    BuddyPress: v11.0.0

    The issue does not occur when using BP v10.6.

    P.s. Adding my logs to a comment here prevents me from posting. Adding my logs to an existing post causes the post to delete. Is there another way I can send the info to you?

    Hi @munklefish

    You can use any file hosting service and paste a link here or DM me on our Slack if you prefer:



    Having issues with the new update as well.
    Unable to read messages – I can see how many are there – when I press on them it takes me to ‘page not found’. Same for all other tabs – ie notifications, etc.

    If I have a member page – it is not private – everyone can see everyone else’s.


    Hi @munklefish

    I was able to see the error message. You should rename /.../wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php to /.../wp-content/plugins/bp-custom-erroring.php so that BuddyPress does not load it. The issue is with this custom file you added. This file is using a function that is not available when it tries to (undefined function is_site_admin() in /.../wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php at line 44).

    Phill Healey


    Thanks for identifying the problematic code.

    Kho Thiết Bị Điện


    Summary no user can access your notifications. thank you

Viewing 14 replies - 26 through 39 (of 39 total)
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