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  • Boris


    Hey there,

    after a few months of heavy development we’ve released a new BP based site a couple days ago:

    On this release we have concentrated more on the features than on the theme. A new look is in the works though and a screenshot of how it might look like can be found here:

    Most of the functionality has been written from scratch. Here’s a short list of the features:

    – Groups have been turned into dive shops
    – Staff turnover is usually high in the diving industry, so every group gets a jobboard
    – An events plugin for things like beach clean-ups. Every user can start an event, but events can also be attached to a group
    – Users can send in reviews of dive shops, dive spots, dive gear and dive boats
    – A group admin has the option to sell all their courses and dives/daytrips through ScubaVagabonds. For this we have built an ajax shopping cart that sits within the admin bar. Users and groups both have an interface for their bookings where bookings can be adjusted or canceled.
    – Users can sign up to an online logbook. If a user owns a Suunto dive computer, then dives can be mass imported. An additional benefit you get with importing is that the actual dive profile will be presented as an interactive graph. As with a real logbook, dive shops and other divers can sign off on a dive (digitally in this case).
    – For almost all of the above features there are google maps (jobs,events,groups,users,dives,logbooks) that use clustered markers, so can handle huge amounts of markers.

    You’re free to check out the site, but we ask you to refrain from signing up to the site if you’re not planning on using your acccount.


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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