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Secure Messaging

  • robcwright


    A thought occurred to me the other day as I was interacting with a client over their secure message gateway. Couldn’t Buddypress do something very similar?

    -Buddypress behind an SSL
    -Create an invite to the site and send email to soon to be new user
    -New user registers with the site and is able to view forum post or PM securely behind the SSL and WordPress auth.

    I guess you’d have to send a PM to a non-registered user, inviting them join the site and tell them they have a message waiting for them. Click the secure link, create account, login, and view PM, at which point the conversation happens on the site. Once the new user replies, a notification is sent to the author stating the new user has responded and to click the link to view the message.

    Anyone every thought about or seen something similar?

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  • r-a-y


    All you need is a SSL cert and then you can secure your entire WordPress install. BuddyPress should inherit the SSL settings from WordPress.



    understandable. What about the messaging component? Some kind of cross between secure invites/invite anyone and some custom email templates?



    You could try the Welcome Pack plugin, which sends a customizable PM when you activate your account, in combination with Secure Invites.



    I can confirm that you just have to install the SSL certificate (doesn’t work on a shared host as well) and then BP works fine. Just realize that there’s a cost (on the server) to running everything over SSL. It uses more of everything I believe (CPU, memory, bandwidth).

    Yuo have to define “secure” on a technical level. SSL only secures the transport of bytes, that should work right out of the box with buddypress, you just need to upgrade you existing webserver configuration and get a SSL certificate. YOu can get free certs at
    However, this does not mean that the messages are encrypted – so content in your database will still be readable to anybody who has access to the database.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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