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Security/privacy: For Education

  • rspowers


    I know this has been mentioned before, but adding privacy options would greatly increase use in the K-12, and College classroom. I am a college professor in a dept of education and I can tell you a lot of my former students would love to implement this into their classes but cant due to lack of privacy issues. I am teaching wordpress/buddypress in my classes as well and its the biggest issue coming up right now. I believe this would also be useful for companies as well. Good work so far though guys, i am impressed and so are my students. i am setting up these pages for my university and people cant believe how quick i am doing it.

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  • techguy


    I think we’d all agree. If you check out Jeff’s twitter he said possibly this weekend for the BP privacy plugin he’s working on. Here’s his BP profile: Maybe throw a donation his way and he’ll feel more motivated to finish it sooner;-)

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