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Seeking guidance on building multisided directory

  • DogGuyJosh


    Hello Community,

    I’ve been browsing various directory plugins and BuddyPress options, but I am having difficulty determining the best course of action in building my site. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and advice you could lend me in this matter.

    I would like to create a directory site in which there are two types of registered users (neither is charged to sign up).

    The first user only has the ability to register strictly for privately messaging the second user type through BuddyPress.

    The second user type has the ability to register by submitting a listing for their profile to appear in a searchable directory. I would like this user type’s registration to have custom form fields (BuddyPress extended profiles?). Geolocation is optional I suppose, provided that a custom field could substitute this if it is still a searchable option in the directory.

    I intend on using X theme with the Ethos stack. I’m also looking for a way to display recently added directory profiles as featured posts (so they appear in the stack above navigation).
    Please share your thoughts and suggestions!

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  • Henry Wright


    Hi @dogguyjosh

    You could certainly achieve something like this with WordPress and BuddyPress (and maybe one or two more plugins). Try searching the WordPress Plugin Directory for membership plugins and try some out on a test install to see which work best for you.

    Regarding Geolocation, I’ve used Geo Mashup and can recommend it. That said, I haven’t tried it with BuddyPress but I have found the developer usually responds to support questions if anything is needed to be asked. See their Google Group



    I’ve played with various membership plugins and user role assignments, but the more I play, the more combinations I stumble upon and the more customization is required (or additional plugins for mapping and linking fields).

    I’m currently exploring Users Ultra out of the box, which seems to do everything I want (minus geolocation), however their documentation isn’t very helpful so I’m waiting to hear from their support staff.

    Regarding Geo Mashup, does it have the ability to map a custom profile field (address) to display a map on the user’s profile via shortcode?

    The User Pro plugin is also starting to look like a viable option.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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