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Select default group in profile?

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    I would delete my other post in Troubleshooting but I can’t; forums don’t quite work atm. I’d like to redirect users to their “default” group. I have everything in place except 1 thing. Here’s how it works.

    I have the plugin “Login with AJAX” which handles redirection and can use a %USERNAME% shortcode in the redirection URL. I then have a custom profile field for default group which users populate themselves. Then I have a template file in my child theme which, when accessed, will check the URL via GET for the username, check if that username’s default group field is populated, and if so, redirect them to that group home. If not, it redirects to the group directory.

    The only issue is I would like the profile field drop down to *dynamically* show all public and private groups instead of me having to add choices to the drop down every time a group is made. I’m guessing I need to create a new type of profile field in the BP core. Is there a hook for this sort of thing? What’s the smartest way to do this?

    Thanks very much! Need to meet a deadline

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