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Sense & Sensibility theme

  • Andrea Rennick


    Howdy! I just finished a new version of my very basic Sense & Sensibility theme. It is more blog-centric on the front of the site, and makes use of a home.php to show the latest post from the main blog. The footer has three widget areas just on that page.

    In this version (1.5) I made it work with BP 1.2, and I added some theme options. So now you can specify font styles and size, and pick between the blue default, grey, green, red and orange.

    I did tweak the nave bar a bit, so it only shows the Members and Groups links, as well as any Pages. The added bonus here is if you turn off the BP plugin, the theme still works – no errors or white screens. :D This means you can also use it on member blogs without issue. Or you should be able to. It is a stand-alone theme, not a child theme. Feel free to use it as you will, extend it, make children themes – whatever. Have a party!

    If you find any issues or see room for improvement, just give me a holler. I hope to have it up on the repo as soon as I can find a the php short codes it keeps telling me are in there. (grep says there are none now, sigh)

    Get it right here:

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