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Seo for Buddypress 1.0 beta

  • Sven Lehnert


    This is the first beta of the 1.0 version.

    This version is a complete rewrite of the old plugin.

    It has a new logic, and much more functionality.

    If you update from an old version, please go to the settings page and click on “Update Database”.

    bug report and feature requests go in here please.

    I’m thinking about to add the following features into the next versions:

    – Nofollow control

    – Image-title and alt-tag management

    – Letter and word counter for the meta edit pages

    – Add meta description in the post edit screen

    If you have any suggestions, please contact me.

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  • @Svenl77

    Exact. I’m using the BuddyPress Widget Theme 1.2 (by modemlooper) for my site. And I must select a Page to my homepage. If I desactivate you plugin, the title is “Sitename / Home”, when a ativate the plugin : “Blog”.

    How can I change this ?

    Thanks. Guillaume.



    SEO plays a big role in any website/social network/blog.

    Your plugin makes the RT easier (don’t have to edit the title)! I use your plugin together with “all in one seo pack” to optimize the blog posts so now the front end pages are optimized and the blog posts!



    @guigoz I noticed that too This plugin is great but it’s missing the option that the normal WP seo plugin has to edit title inside the wordpress page set up for each individual page.

    Sven Lehnert


    @All Thanks so much for your feedback.

    I like to make all the template system with the special tags bug free before I add new options. Next step will be to add the missing seo parts.

    What I have:

    1. Add and edit post and page meta data in the WordPress post and page edit screen. (see replay from Anton and Modemlooper)

    2. Meta data letter and word counter, and an option to automatic cat the meta data after ‘n’ letters or words. (Google does not like to long titles / descriptions or to many keywords)

    Sven Lehnert


    @ guigoz

    You need to go to general seo and update one time the general seo for the plugin to work.

    After this the Blog problem should disappear.

    I will make this more clear in the next version :)

    Ok. Thanks !

    Sven Lehnert


    version 1.0.8 is out now, with a lot of bug fixes.

    And I am really happy to read this article, have a look:

    Congrats Sven, I read that article some days ago and forgot to post it here, my bad !

    You have all the praise well deserved, bis spater !




    There is a problem with version 1.8…it prevents blog creation.

    It was fine…then I upgraded this morning and tried to create a new blog. no luck. The creation page is there, but, when you hit “create blog”, it takes you to an empty blog directory page (and the buddypress admin bar is gone). In the backend, the new blog is there. But, if I try to go to it’s dashboard, An error message comes up saying that the blog was not installed correctly, please contact administrator.

    I deactivated the plugin and could then create blogs fine.

    So I deleted if and loaded in a fresh copy…thinking that somehow I messed up the settings. Nope. The fresh copy kills blog creation too.

    I’m not on the default theme, but not of the registration/blog creation commands are different.

    Anyone else experiencing this?


    When clicking on a activity stream link to a forum item it breaks the header.



    Newest beta fixes forum threads returning title of thread rather than most recently updated one. Yay!

    But introduces a new bug, for me, on a non-standard setup. I’ve got the forums as my front page. The way I’m doing it is by creating a new Page in the dashboard, using a custom template that consists of the normal template code for the forums index, and selecting that page in Settings—>Reading to be the home page for the site.

    Oddly, the title for that page (which is the index page of the main site now, and renders the forums list) is now ‘Blog’. The title of the actual WP page in question is ‘Discussions’ which I thought it would pick up, at least.

    It worked fine with the earlier version (1.0.7?)

    Also, confirming greg’s problem with blog creation — it just boots me back to /blogs/create/ when I hit the “Create Blog” button. This is using 1.0.9 beta.

    Sven Lehnert


    Thanks for testing,

    @gregfielding @stwc

    blog creation bug should be fixed in the 1.0.10 beta version


    I can not create this bug… which version has it been?


    Thanks for all your help!

    Please try to add the tags for your forum front page to the General Seo / Main Blog / MAIN BLOG HOME

    If the $bp variable has all needed values, It should work.

    That’s how I check, If forum special tags are available:

    if(isset($bp->forums) && $bp->current_component  == 'forums' || $bp->current_action == "forum")

    Sven Lehnert


    1.2.1 beta is now ready for WordPress and WordPress MU without Buddypress.
    I added new meta fields for post and pages.
    New Version is compatible with wpSEO and All in One Seo.

    Please do not use this thread. Its closed!

    The new support forum can be found here:




    Thanks for the nice plugin.

    I have installed latest plugin (1.2.4) today.

    I am using WordPress Mu 2.9.2 and buddypress

    I have applied settings. But, I am not seeing the changed buddypress titles like profile and so on.
    Please suggest me


    Terence Milbourn


    Did Sven leave the house? Hope not…

    Hey Sven, got a problem with 1.2.4 beta on WP3.0/BP – everything works fine for BP, but its missing Title and Keywords on the blog home page, which is a static page, and the blog itself, which is at – is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong?

Viewing 15 replies - 26 through 40 (of 40 total)
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