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Service Provider/Consumer Website?

  • Peninsula_Agency


    I am interested in creating a wordpress website where a service provider and a consumer can interact together with limited capabilities and I’m wondering if BuddyPress is a good solution. The website itself would act as a facilitator between the two parties.

    This needs to be a member site with 2 login options (service provider/consumer). Each side will need to be able to create a profile (with different preset fields for each side). The consumer will post items and the service provider will “bid” on the job (think Lending Tree). Only the consumer can email the service providers they want to work with. Payment processing is not required between the two parties, but the website need to accept payment from the service providers when they choose to make a bid. Considering WooCommerce for this part but open to options. Profiles and content from both sides should be hidden from view for non-logged in visitors. An “activity stream” or simply a list of profiles would be needed for service providers to see the new opportunities from the consumers. Consumers should be able to browse all service provider profiles.

    I believe this should be fairly straightforward to create. Is Buddypress a good option for this? Please let me know if I need to clarify my request. Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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  • shanebp


    WP, BuddyPress and WooCommerce could be used to create your site.
    And they are all free, so set up a dev site and start experimenting.
    You’ll need to write some custom code to handle the email restrictions.

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