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Set members status to “active” / Registration / Activation

  • Hollosch


    My problem: No confirmation/activation email is sending via Buddypress. Now all new users going to “spammer” status. As admin i can set them to “normal”, but how can i set them to staus “active user” ???

    p.s.: There is only a problem with sending confirmation/activation email at registration – other notifications working well. I disabled all plugins (only BP and akismet is running)

    I hope someone can help me !!!

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  • thealchemist


    I have a similar issue. I know activation emails are being sent. However, some of these emails get sent ot junk and the member doesn’t know to check. When I go to the “Users” section in the admin I see nothing that indicates non-replies as spam and certain no way to “activate” a member.

    Is there a way to resend activation?



    Here’s my problem right now. I have WP+BP-based site. I soft-launched to a select 100 or so friends. 75 started the process. Of those, a large-ish number did not get the activation email and did not complete the sign-up process.

    The ONLY way I know this is from the few that reported they did not receive the activation email and have asked me to resend – which there is no way of accomplishing this simple task. AND counting the number of users in the admin panel USERS and comparing it to the BP Site Stats plugin that counts the active users.

    Should not the Admin–>User area include some indication whether a user has been “activated” or not? AND give us the opportunity to “Re-Send Activation”? Seems like a logical management tool.

    Jeff Crumley


    Same issue, new users going to spam status. How do I “un-spam” a user?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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