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Setup Advice/Recommendation: Buddypress, Multisite, CPTs

  • Ryan Bickett


    Hello. I would like to get your advice or a recommendation on the best approach for a new site I am preparing to build.

    I am planning to create a membership site using Paid Memberships Pro. People who join the site and become “members” will be able to keep a fitness journal or log. This fitness journal/log will be based on a custom post type with custom fields to collect or log specific information from their workouts. All of the user/member input will happen on the front-end of the site. I will not grant members access to the backend. Basically, I want to create an app based on WordPress, Multisite, Buddypress and bbPress. The main site will be a Buddypress & bbPress site allowing members to participate in this niche community using some of the Buddypress features.

    One idea I am looking into is to use WordPress Multisite to create a unique subsite for each “member”. The member’s subsite would be private so that only the member has access to their unique subsite and use of the custom post type (e.g. the member’s personal fitness journal/log site). In this scenario, members who have signed up would have access to the social features on the main site (Buddypress). Then, they’d also have access to their personal and private fitness journal/log subsite.

    I have already built the CPT as a plugin.

    Do you have any recommendations or suggestions on how best to achieve what I am after?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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