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  • hyrxx


    on bebo they have a feature where users can give a little love heart with each comment up to 3 per day, this adds to thier total love count displayed on thier profile

    i would be so glad if someone could write a plugin for buddypress to accomodate for and extend this idea, by extend i am thinking

    admin can choose amount of love per day, per comment (allow user to add more than one heart to a comment currently on bebo the user must post 3 separate comments to give out all thier hearts), allow the admin to change what it is they give out eg stars etc or more than one thing eg stars hearts etc,

    on the wire you should have a transparent heart(s) that the user clicks to give the love which become fully visible to indicate the user is dontating thier love on this comment, also allow the admin to make a few random quotes to display to encourage the user to share the love, just like bebo lol

    yeah i pretty much want my own bebo clone haha

    i would be very happy if someone could make this plugin, i have many more ideas to improve buddypress features so please ask me if you are interested in my feedback

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