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    Hi ! I have a question about sharing users on different wp/bp installations.

    I looked all around the web to find solutions ( Ok, I just googled.. ), and always got the same:
    « If you want to share users between two sites, just put another prefix on the second site, and add CUSTOM_USER_TABLE and CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE to point at the first site’s prefix »
    * *
    That is cool. But I fear it wont work with Buddypress. Nor with plugins like Geo My WP.

    You see, buddypress uses a lot of database fields, like bp_xprofile_fields. Will the second site be able to access the xprofile fields of users when I use THE SOLUTION ? I mean… the solution only transfers user_table and user_meta… not bp_xprofile_fields, or bp_friends, or wppl_friends_locator ( for geo my wp plugin… ).

    So, if I want to let my second site access my first site’s users and xprofiles, don’t I need to add more than user_table and user_meta in its config.php ?

    Thanks for the answer 🙂

    EDIT: Or is it easier with multisite ? It is not enabled yet… And my main site is already in a subfolder… As I understand it, the main site of a multisite must be at the root of the other sites… ?

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  • might want to look into this:

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    I would really prefer not relying on a plugin. And, if possible, not messing with multisite as I think it is overkill for the purpose.

    Again, I might be wrong, and I need more input from you…

    @ubernaut : You’re telling me I should organise my first site as the main multisite, create the second site via the network panel of my main multisite, and install wp_multi_network plugin to manage the users… ?
    I really hope there is a faster, easier way.

    If no one shed light on another simpler way, I’ll try this…

    wait maybe what i said was overkill if you are just looking to have two sites with one list of users id go with multisite unless you have a good reason not to, but not multi network.

    multisite if you haven’t tried it is pretty easy actually and i’d go with the subdomain method personally.

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    Hi @martinbeaulne

    And, if possible, not messing with multisite as I think it is overkill for the purpose

    To me, multisite sounds like it is exactly what you’re looking for but I could be wrong without seeing your exact requirements. Have a read of this article written by one of the moderators on – it should give you a good idea if multisite is for you:

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    @henrywright-1 : two words: multi language. I read your link, and almost all the comments. Someone tells the author about multi language, and the author seems to agree about the utility of multisite for multi language sites.

    And relying on plugins to translate content is not a solution, for many reasons.

    I read more and more about the multisite option, and it seems cool. But I’m not really happy about having to learn all that new stuff right now. It’s a free website I’m creating for fun and to help a community, you know..

    Since I already have the site at ( when I started the project, I thought maybe I’d have to make some other versions of the site with other languages, so I put it in /fr/ directory right at the beginning… ), and I am guessing I’ll have to destroy it if I want to go multisite.

    As I read it, it seems like I’ll have to put a main site in the root, then other “sites” in /fr/ and /en/ and such… And I can’t just “move” my current /fr/ site to the root… I think.

    Does this looks logic ? The steps would be:
    1 – Install a fresh wordpress in’s root folder, with a new DB.
    2 – Customize the template and plugins exactly like I did for my /fr/ site.
    3 – Create a site, from the network admin, in the /en/ subfolder.
    4 – Copy the users from the DB already populated I used in my /fr/ site to the new root’s DB.
    5 – Test the /en/ site, with data and everything.
    6 – If it works, delete the /fr/ site and re-create it via the root network admin.
    7 – Translate the /en/ site and publish it.

    *Only at step 6 will be a brief interruption of service because I’ll be messing with my actual /fr/ site.

    Does that seem correct ? I don’t want to screw up, because people are actually using the site…

    Thanks a lot for your help..

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    I have done the exact steps I mentionned above. And I hit a wall.

    After installing my /en/ site, network enabled buddypress, set it up.. I realised BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG ( set to true, un wp-config.php ) is broken. Or I don’t know how to make it work.

    I just can’t find out how to enable buddypress in multi blogs. I can’t have a /subsite/member/martin/ profile page. It doesn’t exists.

    Anyone knows how to make buddypress multi blog enabled ?

    did you run the network setup in tools after you modified the config file?

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    « in tools » ?

    yes, if you don’t see that option and your never went through it before then what’s happened, i believe is that you did not edit the config file correctly.

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    I just didn’t realized I was in “tools” when I set up the network… So the answer is Yes, obviously, I set it up.

    As I said:
    « After installing my /en/ site, network enabled buddypress, set it up »
    –> if I “network activated” buddypress, it automatically means the multisite is set up.

    So, my question is : Anyone knows how to make buddypress multi blog enabled when BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG doesn’t change anything ?

    i wouldn’t say it was obvious, anyway have you also activated the site tracking component inside the buddypress network settings?

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    I just activated the site tracking component.

    Well well. It works perfectly.

    My previous message was harsh. I’m glad you answered me instead of telling me to go **** myself. 🙂

    I still think all of this “Multsite” thing is pretty arcane…

    Thanks, people.

    yeah it was a recent decision to disable most of the components by default. the logic goes a little something like this; turning on all the components by default which the way it used to be was great for discovering features but has the downside of over complicating the user experience for new communities. It is always better to ad new features then to take them away. So by default only two features turned on are Profiles and Activity Streams. I tried to make the argument that Site Tracking was essentially the same thing as Activity Streams and only applies to Multisite (in which case i would argue it is almost always the most essential feature) but that was not consensus so the feature is not turned on by default.

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