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Shortcode for this?

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    I know in BBPress that you can use a shortcode to display a forum list on a page of your choosing….

    This allows you the flexibility to place a ‘header image’ or whatever you want above the Forum List on that page.

    Now, I’d like to do the same in BuddyPress — place a ‘header image’ or maybe even a message (for example: “welcome! Here are your groups”) above the group directory listing itself, on the page I’ve chosen to list all groups. Leaning towards a graphic rather than a message, but while I’m asking I may as well learn how to do either.

    The ‘header image’ of course doesn’t have to be a header image in the strictest sense. I just want something ‘nice’ up there that I can use; it’s lacking something in my template, and could really use a nice little image — a horizontal one — to sit above the Group Directory list.

    Is there any way to accomplish this….with a shortcode? Or, some other way — like developing a unique template just for the Group Directory list itself, which allows for the placement of stuff (an image or whatever text I want there)….to show right above the list?


    Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. 🙂

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