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Show different profile fields depending on the type of user?

  • Hi,

    I am currently working on Buddypress site which I want to be functioning like a database/network/community. I want to enable my users to add information about websites, projects, books, articles etc., and I want my users to have the possibility to link this information to their profiles.

    One way to achieve this would be to have the register page show different custom register forms depending on what type of information the user want to add.

    1. A new visitor comes to the “register” page
    2. The visitor starts by choosing the type of information he/she wants to add to my site by choosing from a drop-down list (e.g. member, website, project, article etc.)
    3. Depending on the visitors choice, different register forms will appear. E.g. if he/she chose to become a new member, a form showing member registration information will apear. If he/she chose to add information about a website or a project, a form showing another type of register form will appear with different fields to fill in.

    I.e. basically, I want to have the possibility to show different “extended profile fields” from a drop-down list or check-boxes, and have the appear depending on the users choice. Since it is already possible to create “extended profile fields”, it shouldn’t be impossible to do this, or?

    Help apreciated!

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