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Show @ handle beneath username

  • Paul Bursnall


    I’m not sure if this already exists if I’m honest, but if it does, I haven’t seen it implemented in any theme. Is it possible to show the @ handle beneath or alongside the username when a someone adds an update, comments on an update etc?


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  • danbp


    Because it’s not necessary to mention users everywhere probably !
    Mention is an activity, usernames are not.
    Read bp-activity-filters.php/bp-activity-functions.php to understand the “why”. 😉

    Paul Bursnall


    @danbp I don’t know where those two files are you’ve noted. Maybe I wasn’t clear. It would seem logical to me for example, the ‘Sitewide Activity’ stream showed the @ handle of the posting or commenting user. This would make it far easier to reply instead of having to open the relevant user profile first, then go back a page and add your own comment. Think Twitter.



    Both mentionned files are in /buddypress/bp-activity/

    The SWA shows anything happening on the site. By default, each related site event shows the user avatar, the user name, the action and the date/time and all are clickable and lead to the action or to the profile. Adding a mention handle to this is overcomplicated and completely useless i guess.

    If someone post or comment on a blog, you’ll see it on the activity screens (profile and/or SWA) and you can comment the activity directly or leave a comment on the post page.

    Mentions are used to quote people or to call or messaging them, and not exactly intended to be shortcuts to make things faster. IRL you go to the post office to send a letter. On BP you go on a profile to talk with a user.

    And at least, BuddyPress is not Twitter. Think BuddyPress. 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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