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Showing members of private groups to non-members

  • Philip John


    Is there, or could there be, a way to display members of a group to non-members?

    On Facebook, for instance, invite-only groups are still accessible by non-members who can see anyone that has been accepted into the group.

    The three different group settings (public, private and hidden) are good but they lack flexibility.

    I think it\’d be much better to have a range of settings, such as;

    – Anyone can see this group | Only invitees can see this group

    – Anyone can join this group | Only invitees can join this group

    – Members can invite others | Only admins can invite others

    – Allow non-members to see group wire

    – Allow non-members to see group form

    – Allow non-members to see members

    – Anyone can write on this group\’s wire | Only members can write on the wire

    – Anyone can post on the group forum | Only members can post

    This would allow much more freedom for group/site admins.

    What does everyone else think?

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  • Jeff Sayre



    We are working on a proper privacy component for BuddyPress that will allow for a given member to decide how much of their personal data they want to expose to the world. This not only includes their profile data, but also a member’s data contained in the other BuddyPress components.

    As far as group-specific privacy control, that is also an area we are discussing.



    That sounds good, thanks.



    Is there anyway I can hide the “group creation” option from the users? Basically, only admin can create the “groups”.



    I am very interested in privacy component. How is it going so far? Do you have some estimation when will it be available to test or use?

    What I have found as a must regarding privacy (until now) is:

    – allowing user to set what details from profile s/he wants to be public, available just to friends or private

    – settings on activity streams which will allow user to select what type of activities s/he wants to be displayed in sitewide activity, be available to friends or be totally private. This settings could be similar to Notification settings (for email notifications).

    I intended to write this on my own, but found out that it can’t be done easily without changing activity core files (and that is never a good option) and then I discovered that you are working on privacy component. So, if you see a way how I can help in development process, please let me know.



    @Petronic, liaise with Andy or Jeff Sayre or make a privacy plugin ?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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