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Sidebar not appearing all where it is needed

  • UgoDimma


    Hey Buddies

    Am running buddypress v2.3.4 with wordpress 4.3.1.

    Sidebar does not appear at the user’s profile, unless am on capability slug, which is accessible only by the admin, but in every other page of the user profile, no sidebar at all. you can have a look at the images bellow.

    The first is with sidebar, which is the way I want it to appear in every other page of the user profile ranging from the activity, but it only appear when viewing capability slug and no other place.
    profile page with sidebar

    The other images are profile pages without sidebar, you can have a look at them as well for better understanding of what i want.

    profile page without sidebar. Wrong partern.

    Wrong partern. No sidebar

    Please, I want to enforce the sidebar to appear in ALL profile page and slug by all users.

    NOTE: The first with sidebar is a page accessible by the admin only, as you can see, which mean, sidebar is not included anywhere for other user rol/level.

    I would have provided a link, but the site is still under development.

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  • webgirl


    What plugins are you using?
    Version of Buddypress and WordPress Installation?
    Are you using custom sidebars?

    These answers will help others better help you.

    If you are using a custom theme, make sure that you’re using the correct Template Hierarchy explained here.



    Hey @webgirl

    Thanks for your response.

    Just as I said, am running buddypress v2.3.4 with wordpress 4.3.1

    Am using WPLMS theme by Mr. Vibe It is deeply integrated with buddypress for maximum compatibility, but I don’t know to what extend.

    Some plugins am using includes but not limited to;

    • Vibe course module
    • Vibe custom type
    • WooCommerce
    • BBPress
    • WPLMS Assignment
    • WPLMS Dashboard
    • WPLMS Events
    • and some other ones.

    The plugins am using, has nothing to do with the sidebar other than to add their own widget if need be. But in the theme files, there are a lot of buddypress instances there.



    I also forgot to mention, the site is multi-user site.



    @Agbams have you set up any Widgets for Buddypress sidebar

    Also check under the created page “Members” and see what sidebar is selected if that option is available.



    Hey @webgirl

    Thanks for the link, I followed the link and check all my settings, and all is in good shape. Beside, I installed the theme using their quick installation guide, which installs the theme with their default setting from the demo site.

    By looking at their demo site, it does not have this sidebar, so I don’t know exactly where the issue might have come from.
    Just take a look at single member profile, it still goes without side bar.
    No sidebar at the the demo

    In my members page edit, the sidebar I selected is buddypress sidebar.

    Mr. Vibe


    Hi Agbams,
    Please create a topic in our dedicated support site here :

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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