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Signup form – Blog URL suffix text incorrect for subdomain installation

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    I believe that the signup form provided by register.php is not displaying the correct suffix text for a subdomain installation.

    Under Blog Details when the user checks the box “Yes, I’d like to create a new blog” there is an input box under “Blog URL (required)”. For a subdomain install, the suffix text is incorrect.

    What I expect to see here is http://( ).mydomain.tld

    What I see instead is http://( ).www.mydomain.tld

    I think the culprit is the call to site_url() in register.php:

    In wp-config.php I have
    define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, 3 )

    When register.php uses site_url(), perhaps it is picking up the current domain which is http://www.mydomain.tld?

    I would think that register.php in this instance would always want to pick up the top level domain for this use case and maybe not use site_url()?

    I first suspected the theme I was using until the theme owner pointed out that this was a BuddyPress Core file:

    BTW – is there another place to officially log suspected bugs in BuddyPress, or is this the correct place to report them?



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