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Simple Members Only for Buddypress

  • Amy Strickland


    I need a members only plugin that will work for my specific case. I have a Join Us page that I want to be visible to guests that outlines what the site is about and gives a contact form so that they can request an invite code. But I’m also running Buddypress. The plugin Simple Members Only works great for everything EXCEPT Buddypress, as it’s also restricting access from the Buddypress registration and login pages. The developer has a fix on his Developer tab, but it fails to install every time I try to upload it and he doesn’t seem to be replying to support requests.

    So I need a plugin that:
    1. Lets me make pages, posts, forums, and activity feeds private by default.
    2. Allows guests to access more than one page I specify (all the plugins I’ve found only let you set one public page, which doesn’t work with Buddypress)
    3. Will not require me to do anything with Paypal as I don’t want to scare people away; this is supposed to be free.

    And here’s the kicker—

      I REALLY don’t want to edit the source files in my FTP

    . It’s a mess when you update, I want new posts and pages to keep the same privacy settings, and I’ve been having enough problems with the crappy support team at my host anyway since they converted from Simplescripts to Mojo Marketfail. I don’t want to make it worse.

    So is there a plugin that does what I need or does someone know how to get the BuddyPress version of Simple Members Only working?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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