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Singe WP or WP Mu??

  • nickmy



    is wp mu still supported or shall I use a singe wp ??

    I now do not want blogs on my website but maybe later.

    Will get I problems with other bp plugins if I use wp mu?

    What are the advantages and disadvanteges?

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  • sicksight


    I think wpmu is not longer supported… You could do multible blogs with WP3.0, but I donĀ“t know, if you could change this, when you decide to a single blog between installation! With current BP Version WP versions before 3.0 are not longer supported.

    Given the option and with no impediments in the way you would always want to run the latest stable release of WP. WPMU is now effectively obsolete, and is merged into WP 3.0 thus WP 3.0 is the only WP that people will install after which they will decide whether they wish to run as a single blog (default) or to enable Multi Site mode.

    I would install WP 3.0, at a later date if you want multi site then you can enable it (I am assuming that there are no issues enabling MS later having run BP for a while)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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