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  • idowu


    hello there,
    please, if a user does not sign up for a blog on registering for my multi-site/buddypress powered site, and then decides to sign up for a blog later; how should i instruct the user to go about that? or what do i need to do so that users will not have to bother me always for that.

    thank you

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  • Look in the members account screens.



    i am not cleared on that. i checked the ‘members account screens’ but found nothing related to what i need. here again is the scenario:
    i have a user on my site that did not sign up for a blog while registering, but has now decided she needs a blog; how do we go about that?

    thank you

    I have installed Buddypress in my wordpress site.
    But create an account or sign up showing Register by /register url and its not showing create an account form for buddy press.
    Its showing only register and nothing else.
    Please give me a solution to fix this issue



    @idowu go to Blogs Directory page, beside the title “Blogs Directory” is a “Create a Blog” button. Click on it.

    @jageshmk change to bp-default theme. If it doesn’t work, then start a new topic of your own. Add info about WP/BP version, Linux or Windows hosting. Theme/plugins used, etc.

    Please folks don’t jump in on anothers thread, it’s a bad practise, always start your own topic unless replying to the OP’s question.

    @idowu My apologies that was a little misleading as I could have sworn there was a button on the members account screen for ‘Sites’ what I was thinking of is the buddybar where you have a set of links, under ‘blogs’ there is a ‘create’ link in addition to the large button on the main BP blogs dir page. I would spend a little while having a good rummage around all the links and screens in BP so you’re familiar with what is where.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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