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Site title is missing domain name & remove feeds from head

  • aljo1985


    For some reason the site title doesn’t display the domain name in any section of buddypress.
    Funny enough in the feeds that it displays in the head, they display the sites title.

    Right now my title looks like this.
    <title>Username – Profile – Edit –</title>

    When it should look like this
    <title>Username – Profile – Edit – domain name</title>

    I would like to actually remove all the feeds from my head, as I don’t actually want feeds on the website.

    I have created my own script for blocking non members from viewing members profiles. So removing the feeds is the next step.

    I can’t seem to remove profile feeds or mention feeds or any of the other. The only feed I have managed to remove from the head is the sitewide feed.

    remove_action( 'bp_head', 'bp_activity_sitewide_feed');

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  • danbp




    The RSS functions you gave me do not work.. Every other person who asked the same question has said the exact same thing. It does not work.. I can disable access to the feeds easily… Using substr – 6 for /feed/ That’s simple! I just want the feeds removing from the header.. They are not used, so I don’t need them in the header.

    remove_action( 'bp_head', 'bp_activity_sitewide_feed');

    This code above, removed the sites activity feed, your code does nothing…

    The 2nd link you gave me, doesn’t solve my problem.. Domain name is missing from the page titles.
    I would like to fix this without creating child themes and without editing any of the source files..

    Basically in a function that can be placed in functions.php as I do all my edits there.

    I’m clean precise and a perfectionist 😛

    This is my themes header that displays the title.
    <title><?php wp_title( '-', true, 'right' ); ?></title>



    Okay tell me where the function is that throws these rss tag elements into the header, I can’t find the function that inserts them, too many files.

    I will fix it myself from there once I can locate where it s inserting them in the first place. I imagine its probably scattered all over the place and one file inserts one while another file inserts another.. The code is messy.



    Every other person who asked the same question has said the exact same thing. It does not work…

    Oh ? And you think they are right ? 😉 Because i answer you the same thing: “my” code to remove rss feeds works… Apologize if i misunderstood the topic title (remove feeds from head).

    For the page title, i indicate a discussion containing a solution from a trac ticket. Did you applied the patch or checked around that ?

    I’m clean precise and a perfectionist

    and a bit rude by the way !

    tell me where the function is after
    It does not work… I can disable access to the feeds easily… your code does nothing…The code is messy

    hello, please, thank you are not in your vocabulary ?

    Sorry but my help stops here. Bye bye.



    I think your tone of reading is a bit … maybe you should read in a happy tone! Or maybe you just don’t like to be corrected when you make a mistake..

    Also no the code you posted doesn’t work. It did not remove the feeds nor remove the information from the header.. So it did neither and I am not the only person saying this. I put this script right at the bottom of my themes functions.php file, so its loaded right at the very end and nothing happened. The link you posted is in relation to post titles. The problem the person was having was, it was always putting “activate” in his titles. My problem is I am missing the domain name from the title. Its a totally different issue. When you reply with a copy and pasted answer from something you searched that isn’t even correct, then you might get a bad reply!

    As a moderator you should know how to treat people and you obviously replied to a subject that you didn’t read properly.

    I have not installed SEO yet, so there is no conflict with any other plugins. I will be installing Yoast SEO though.

    EDIT – (The code you posted, I already tried before you posted it)
    If you wanna talk about rude, its rude you accuse me of not searching in the first place when I did.
    I thought it might be quicker to ask if anyone else has the answer already, rather than sift though the massive amounts of scripts this plugin uses (That’s what I meant by messy) EDIT




    @aljo1985 Closing this topic. Please feel free to start a new topic with information about WP/BP versions and theme used.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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