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Site Wide Forums Individual Forums show up as empty word press pages

  • So I’ve installed buddypress 1.51 and bbpress 2.0, installed the site wide forums, disabled the buddypress forum component, deleted the auto generated forum page, created a menu link to the forum url, and verified my slugs where set as forum and forums in the forums setting tabs.

    I’ve un through about 8 different guides on how to set up the site wide forums and nothing is working.

    My forum page looks normal ( with a listing of all forums I’ve created each with a link to the individual forum.

    When a user clicks on an individual forum ( like ) they are brought to what seems to be an empty word press page. You simply cant add posts or get no clue your in a forum.

    I’m really at my wits end here, can anyone give me a clue as to where to even start? I have seen anyone else having this error (or at least have been looking in all the wrong places.)

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  • Any help here? I’ve still found nothing.

    You’re best to ask for this on the bbPress forums, as that’s where you’re having the problem. I would generally suggest that “pretty permalinks” work in regular WordPress (e.g a post) first.

    I really feel the issue is in the buddy press layout or some option there-in. If i switch my site to the BBPress default layout the forums start to work. It’s only when I use a buddy press layout the error is found.



    Try running permalinks again.. wp-admin > Settings > Permalinks > Save

    no dice there, I’ve gone as far as uninstalling the bbpress and buddy press plugin and reinstalling them. I’m really at a lost.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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