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Site-wide recent blog widget is still farked

  • peoriapundit1


    I posted this message about week ago, and the thread was closed without asking me:

    I have been consistently having issues with the Recent Blogs Widget. It will work fine for days, then the list of Recently Updated blogs go missing from my blogs and when I check out the widget page for these blogs, this is what I see:

    `%BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Blog Posts%END_OF_TITLE% ‘

    I delete the file bp-blogs.php file from the mu-plugins folder and the error message vanishes. Sometimes an hour later, sometimes a day later, I can upload bp-blogs.php and all is well again.

    And when it errors out on one blog, it errors on on ALL blogs using it.

    I am running it on primepress theme, WPMu 2.7 and BuddyPress RC-1.

    I’ve been having this problem for weeks, previous attempts to get some help for this proved fruitless.

    The problem vanished right after I posted this.

    So the entry was closed.

    This is a intermittent and recurring problem. It comes and goes. I have no explanation why. When it happens, ever single blog using the plug in shows the error message mentioned above.

    I’m going to solve the problem mentioned above by simply giving up on Buddy Press. It showed potential. But the it was impossible to work with because:

    1. Requests for help are often ignored.

    2. It is impossible to ask for help because the the requests CANNOT BE POSTED ON THE MALFUNCTIONING MESSAGE BOARD.

    I mean, seriously? Automattic OWNS bbPress. How does it work out that they fix their own product? I understand what Beta version means, but I cannot understand why Automattic cannot fix a malfunctioning bbPress forum that they own.

    I’ll come back when there’s a final version.

    If this message will not post here, I’ll post in on

    And I full expect the routine lecture about how this is open source, run by volunteers, etc.

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  • With all due respect, your attitude makes me want to help you less, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    First of all, this is pre-release software, if you were not prepared or did not expect potential headaches, then you should not have installed BuddyPress.

    The community around this project is coming on leaps and bounds, usually all threads will eventually get an answer which is almost unheard of for something so new. There have been caching issues with the forums, nothing to do with bbPress, and it has been temperamental with all forums on Automattic servers. This should be cleared up now.

    Your problem sounds like perhaps something in a post is breaking the blogs widget, which would explain why it sometimes works, and sometimes does not.

    If you can somehow monitor which post was the newest when the widget stopped working, that would help a great deal to address what it is in the post that is breaking the widget.

    If anyone else has experienced this issue – please post a reply here.



    I made a snarky post because it was the only thing that generated any sort of assistance. I expect to have problems with RC-1 versions. I also expect the support forum to work. This is the first comment I’ve been able to successfully post in days. I spend months telling my members bloggers that BuddyPress was going to do wonders for their blog.

    As I recall, the post that most recently preceded the break was one that included an image, followed by one line of text.

    I’m not trying to be snarky here, but I would expect a plugin to not break when this happens. I have bloggers who post almost nothing but pictures and YouTube videos.

    It’s not a theme issue, since this has happened using at least three different themes on my front page and on a member blog.

    It’s definitely not images breaking the widget, as has had a whole bunch of image posts not break it. In fact, it has over 2,000 blogs on that site, and when I had the widget on the front page it never broke.

    I’d like to see if anyone else has had this problem first of all to make sure it is not something specific on your installation.

    Please chime in if you have seen this problem.



    Different issue (not what I have your attention): I cannot upload any Avatar. Not for members, not for groups. When I try, I get a message about not being able to upload to the upload folder. Exactly which folder is that? bogs.dir? If so, which one?

    Burt Adsit


    His previous post on same problem

    I can point to other threads about this same issue on the mu forums by Bill. Wouldn’t do much good though it’s the same problem and there was no resolution over there either.

    I don’t know how the problem was resolved in the thread above. I was just told by Bill that it was fixed in a PM. I got the impression that Bill had found the problem and it was a *smack forehead* duh! kinda thing. I didn’t pursue it any further. Closed the topic so people wouldn’t think it was an outstanding issue.

    Nobody else is having this particular issue and yes it’s been going on for some time now.



    I’m having similar problem with this plugin:

    It generates error messages regading the header, then it makes both the admin bar and the footer disappear.

    Burt Adsit


    Bill how much memory do you have available on your server with apache loaded and running? In my case it idles at like 57%. bp/wpmu is not a small thing when actually running.

    Andy and I were kinda thinking it might be related to that. Just that the widget triggers the problem.



    I am having memory problems. My host is making noise about moving to a bigger box with RAM.

    Geeze. I had tried to get into a managed VPN running a 1 GB of memory.

    What were you running this on?

    You have a pretty large site Bill, so I would imagine that with as many blogs as you are running you could be spiking memory quite often. I would imagine that running wp-super-cache on the main blog (if not all blogs) would be extremely helpful to you even if you have the cache times really low. Any new posts on wires, groups, etc clear cache anyways, so content is always fresh.


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