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Sitewide Login – Adminbar

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    I’ve searched for a good while now but can’t find any straight answer so here goes instead…

    I’ve installed and activated Buddypress on a Multisite. All working good and when logged in as “superadmin” evrything works good!
    The problem occurs when I register a new user and login. The “admin-bar” only shows the user as logged in at the current site, and not sitewide.

    So let’s say I login to and then navigate to, the adminbar says “Login” instead of showing “my account” and what not. Is this a limitation in BP at the moment or am I really screwing something up that bad?! =/

    Maybe someone has a good solution for this! i.e being able to be logged in sitewide =)

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  • No answers to this last time around and I am still having this issue at my site
    I have multisites running as”folders” not subdomains, and if you log in to the mainsite and then go to for example you are no longer logged in.
    It is a bit frustrating and some users don’t noticed “the bug” and just leave because they think something went wrong.

    Any one got any suggestions?? Please!

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    WP/BP versions? Is this a relatively new installation (2 weeks)?

    Check Settings > Privacy of the Blog visited which causes the log out behavior. If you added the “More Privacy Options plugin” or “Network Privacy plugin” the blog might have been set for “Registered users only” etc. which would require log in, hence the forced log-out with wp-login.php.

    Have you tried to disable all plugins except BuddyPress and changed to bp-default theme to check whether conflicts in plugin/theme is causing this error?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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