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Skeleton Theme help

  • Ezd



    I’ve started working a little bit with the skeleton theme, trying to understand how it all works together.

    When it’s activated there seems to be no css formatting on the pages: Members, Groups and Blogs. There’s a stylesheet for all 3 sections in the CSS folder but no style is applyed on these section when surfing the site?

    If I want to change color and style I guess i can just do that in the CSS folder where each section has its own stylesheet?

    What if i wanna change the whole layout/borders/tables, where to do that?

    I guess some components are widgets and some are not in the theme? Can I decide which components should be widgets and which shouldnt?

    For now im just interested in more info before starting to play around with it.

    My future plans are to create a theme from scratch that im currently working on in photoshop. I want to slice that up, set it up for dynamic sidebars and use the template tags/loops to apply the different components. There’s probably going to be alot of issues with this. Should i use multiple stylesheets (probably).

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  • Jeff Sayre



    Have you worked much with CSS before? Have you designed a custom WordPress theme before?

    If not, here are some resources I recommend for starters:

    1. First, if you’re not using the Firefox browser, do so. Also, install the FireBug Add-on.
    2. Second, the WordPress Codex is a great resource for theme designers
    3. Finally, BuddyPress themes are unique themes in the WP family. Andy has written a great BuddyPress Codex on BP theme loops



    Hi Jeff,

    I once designed a theme for wordpress yes. Been a while thou. I know CSS pretty well. :)

    Anyways, ill probably figure it out once ive played around with the skeleton theme for a week or two. I guess its like designing a wordpress theme just that now you have buddypress tags to play with as well.

    Do you know why the 3 sections Members, Groups and Blogs looks like they arnt connected to any css file in the skeleton theme?



    the main thing is to just work through the header then throught he content and then through the footer..

    just take it slow..

    you will need to know css and be able to identify the tags and then right the corresponding styles



    Okay thanks. What I did last time i created a theme was pretty much following these instructions:

    So the theme I create for buddypress has to have the same kind of structure with a header, content, footer ect. And then eventually after i’ve structured it like that I can implement buddypress tags/loops into the layout and style with CSS.



    If thats the way to structure it, I think I have the hang of it…

    I would like to create a “closed-community”.

    The first page you should see when you goto the domain is a splash site that contains only 3 things:

    – A login box

    – A signup box

    – Recent members

    And when you login the Community opens up with more widgets/components.

    How is this possible?

    Which would be the home-theme, the splash-page or the page when you’ve logged in?

    Jeff Sayre



    You can customize the home theme to accomplish that goal. To make sure that no one can enter the community until they’ve registered and logged in, you could try implementing some of these suggestions.

    The community pages would be your customized member theme.



    Thanks for helping jeff.

    Say I have a site containing some of the same sections as on this site and the standard buddypress theme:

    Home | About | Blog | Members | Groups | Blogs | Profile (users profile)

    The BP-home theme (regular wordpress theme) would that be controlling the ‘Home’, ‘About’ and ‘Blog’ sections?

    While Bp-member theme would be controlling sections like ‘Members’, ‘Groups, ‘Blogs’ and the ‘Profile’ section for each user?

    Or is it the bp-home theme that controls all the sections. Meaning ill just have to integrate buddypress tags/loops to the different pages that I create on my bp-home theme?

    Andy Peatling


    The home theme controls the front page, and any blog pages in the root blog. It’s essentially just a blog theme with a front page that is emtpy, ready for widgets. Everything else is controlled by the BuddyPress member theme.



    Thanks Andy, that makes good sense! :)

    If I want to create another member section called “activity” in the navigation bar (not the admin-bar) what changes would I have to make to my theme?

    My thoughts would be to add a new folder under “directories” in my theme folder called activity. (same place where the 3 other sections are located)

    And id probably need to add something to the header.php as well where the navigation sections are located?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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