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Skype plugin for multiple (or all) network users

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    I’ve done a lot of google searching, and I’ve yet to find the right solution. We are using buddypress as a collaborative network/platform for graduate students and partner organizations (clients) to interface with one another through the site.

    1. Buddypress provides customizable profiles for numerous users
    2. Skype provides a developer-friendly means of embedding call-options to third-party software
    3. Users need to interface
    4. Seems like someone would have a plugin for marrying the two….

    Any ideas? I’ve seen easy Skype plugins for a single, universal site-owner-to-outside-world interface that allows you to integrate ONLY ONE skype name to your site, but are there no plugins for multiple users?

    I’m looking for what I think is simple plugin. Thoughts? And please don’t say Neat Skype v2. I’m talking every user profile gets their own skype name field.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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