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SMF Forum importer

  • Hi.

    We are moving from SMF 1.1x to BuddyPress and so I created a SMF import plugin for BuddyPress I thought I should share :) Its based on a modified phpbb import PHP script for bbpress 0.7.3 that I found on the web.
    It should work with WP 2.9.2 to current and BP 1.2.3 to current. It uses its own version of bbpress to convert from the initial 0.7.3 bbpress db format. Not very elegant, but it was the only way I could get it to work properly for our forum.

    – Import boards and users from SMF 1.1x forums to BuddyPress (forums) / WordPress (users)
    – Preserves current WordPress users if name exists
    – Create groups for forums after import (optional)
    – Main plugin adds admin panel for all functions
    – Separate plugin successively converts the sha1 encoded passwords from SMF on user login
    – Includes php script that can be put into old forum directory for redirection to new topic locations

    Known issues:
    – Only intended for initial forum imports, it clears all current forums before importing due to the initial 0.7.3 db format requirement (users/groups etc. are kept intact)
    – Depending on forum size, the PHP memory and exec time requirements can be a bit high
    – Tags are not imported
    – Only tested with UTF-8 databases

    Plugin link


    Edit: updated link

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