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Social Bookmarking, sharing files and calendar

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    I need to deploy WPMµ and BP for an INTRAnet project, and a social bookmarking feature such as Delicious or Digg would be great, but I found nothing close to that in BP Forums …

    Also, is there any kind of plugin to add some File Upload feature to attach a file to a message or in a special page (more like a file sharing service beetween group members for ex.) ?

    And last, I was looking for a Community Calendar plugin to show the events of all the members and groups …. I know it’s a lot, but maybe you could just give me some info about all this … :)

    Thx …

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    Paul Gibbs


    Not yet, not yet and maybe. I think I’ve seen an event plugin in beta around these forums – that might be what you want

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    elgg has such function. but not in bp yet. You could use Pligg with your user database perhaps. For the event calender, check out bp-events.

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    I use the share this code. You can put it pretty much any where. It has all the top bookmarking sites, email sending and twitter posting.

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    I have been using calendar on my regular wordpress site for some time now and I love it.

    It seems to be a great candidate for buddypress if the author allows it.

    I love how easy it is to customize just about everything in the calendar from the way it looks to how events appear etc.. very simple

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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