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some members’ profile data display incorrectly!

  • I’ve got bp profile problem! I have created three community web sites. Everything work fine and I’ve members sign in everyday! Lately I found something strange with the members’ profile. I have added two text field, home town and interest. In these two field some member display incorrectly. ex. ”hdic3K2SUL” in home town field, ”tRfIQiAn” in interest field. All three web sites have this problem. Could anyone tell me how to solve this?

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  • r-a-y


    Could be spam accounts. Are these users doing anything weird on your site?

    r-a-y maybe you are right. I created some dummy accounts and input all the fields in profile page. Then I log out and check every account, they are showing correctly. Is it any encoding issue you think? Although I am sure wordpress mu and buddypress are utf-8 standard.

    I guess these could be spam bots inputting data to pass the registration
    I know a lot of work is going on now in the background to help stop this
    Stay tuned

    good point gibbyesl. Those input likely generated by computer as they are upper case and lower case combination, if it is done by human it should look something like this “dfgasuiagew”. I got 15 members registration yesterday on my new site. They all came from one Texas ISP with different IP addresses. I don’t know whether I should block this Texas server IP.

    Very confuse now! I got three more members sign in last 15 minutes. They came from SPAIN with same IP address, also strange input in home town and interest fields. I just go over the member list, these strangers are not just from TEXAS, they came from FLORIDA, NETHERLANDS, GEORGIA, SLOVAKIA, NIGERIA and CANADA.

    Jeff Sayre


    As @r-a-y suggests, these look like spam accounts to me.

    Yeah! I believe they are spam accounts. They are keep coming from all over the world. I have just install plugin “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam” on all three wpmu web sites. It should stops the spam bots if you are not “human”….lol. Thanks all you guys!



    Had the same problem on all of my installs last night. Temp solution was to shut down all registrations while bp works this out. Between my network of sites, I would estimate 150+ spam registrations. Once in, they were also abusing the pm system. It’s ok though, I’d rather shut it all down for now then to have to manually keep deleting pm’s from the db all day long.

    I know you guys are working hard on this issue. It is much appreciated!

    Well! “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam” not really works. Spammers registration keep coming. The number of a day has been reduced but still can’t stop them. I assume the spammer bots may smart enough to OCR the words in CAPTCHA or could listen to the audio assist then they could generate a correct input to pass the registration. So I set CAPTCHA to “high” level and uncheck the audio option. The last 24 hours I got 10 spam registers. I wonder if a plug-in can spell check the field input may help eliminate most of these spammers.

    Jeff Sayre


    The issue of spam registration and posting is well discussed. If you want to learn more about some proposed measures, please read this thread:

    Thanks Jeff!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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