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Some questions about user management and gallery

  • madloki


    Hello folks!

    First: a really great plugin :)

    But i have some questions:

    1) Is it possible that user can register only ONE blog?

    2) Can i hide some widgets from guest? It´s not good when anyone can see what users are doing (side wide activy f.e.).

    3) I have read about the manjo gallery, an own user gallery would be great. Is there any news?

    4) How can i use the img tag in groups? I have installed the img-plugin for bbpress, but it doesn´t work in buddypress.

    5) The admin can limit the user mb-limit and upload limit. But the last doesn´t work. I can upload bigger files! Also it would be good if we could change the limit for different user (admin 25 MB f.e. is not so good :o)).


    1) I found this and will try it, ok good. And the other questions? :p

    So long, many thanks from germany!

    Kind regards


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