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some questions after upgrade to 2.7

  • danbpfr


    After upgrading to wpmu 2.7 and bp 1.0b2, with bbpress 1.0.6 alpha, i can no more change group avatar.

    By cliking on “change avatar” i receive a 404 error.

    Also, i’m unable to post on forum. I changed nothing in respective config.php.

    I also observed that:

    In wpmu, global settings goes to /wp-admin/options-general.php, who shows a page with some options settings.

    bbpress admin, settings links to wp-admin by this url: /wp-admin/options.php

    here are all options settings, including several buddy_live_cache “serialized data” (disabled in an input box)

    Strange is, that the options.php link is only linked from bbpress settings and not in wpmu/buddy

    Is this something issued by WP or wpmu ?

    Where is the direct access to options.php ?

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