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Some questions to 1.1

  • danbpfr


    I updated from 1.0.3 to 1.1 rc

    bbpress 1.0.2 with over 1 200 posts

    Surprisingly, all went wrong this time, even if i read and read all the readme…

    After a few hours anything came right. Anyway, some things stay strange to me.

    For exemple some groups lost their avatar. The img adress are in the DB and the picture are in the blog.dir. But impossible to view them on the main page.

    I reinstalled the avatars and all is well.

    But the bp-groups tables aren’t updated with the avatar path (full and thumb). Is this normal, and if yes, where are the path stored now ?

    Some members also “lost” their avatars during update…

    The new theming system seems to be terrific, but it would really be great for me too if my members blogs would not be blank. All other pages are working except the blogs (sub-domain blogs)

    The integration of bbpres forums is a good thing. But why does this create new tables ? This maybe would be nice for a fresh install, but what with an old install ?

    I tried both: fresh install and use an existing one before i understood that the bb-config is now at the root of the site and no more at the root of bbpress. The one option gives me empty forums and the other one”page not found” errors. I handled manually to bring the forums to work.

    Anyway there are at least 3 (!) bb-config files when you go to update to 1.1 with an existing forum.

    An empty config in the bp-forums folder, the old one in the old bbpress folder and the new one created at the site root during update process…

    Are other forum changes planed for the stable version ?

    I hope this will change in a near future and with a little more information about these deep changes.

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