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Spam, Splog and Dirtbag Prevention

  • VegasKev88


    Alright my fellow WPers and BPers. I’m getting ready to rollout my first production BP site – I’ve built a few in dev just for fun and never launched them as I wanted to play with all the fun $h!t that BuddyPress has to offer before finally committing to BP. Now that I have, I’m faced with the glorious burden that is Spam, Splog and Dirtbag prevention.

    It’s already known that wp is susceptible to spammers, and with a few plugins and actionable steps, I’m good to go with my WP sites, however, I’ve been researching Spam Prevention for BuddyPress and am having a bit of difficulty determining the best course of action at this point. Partly because BuddyPress has advanced so much over the last few years and partially because every blogger with an extra 5 minutes to write a B.S. article without real knowledge behind it has spun and respun the same nonsense articles over and over again.

    That all being said, what I’m looking for is a bit of Guidance from some actual BuddyPress users (you guys and gals). There are so many options and combinations that I could literally spend the next month researching and testing different combinations of plugins and hacks before I even come close to a solution, so I’m hoping that you…YES YOU! can share with me, the steps, plugins, hacks that you have in place to help protect your BuddyPress sites from Spammers, Sploggers and Dirtbags. Like you, I want to create a spam-free community (or as close to spam-free as I can…lol) and want to hear what everyone has/is done/doing to protect themselves from people trying to sell my members knockoff handbags, boner pills and work from home solutions….lol.

    Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any guidance/advice that any and all of you could recommend.

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  • Ben Hansen


    akismet deals with a bit of spam activity (bp support is relatively new but it seems to be learning fairly quickly) but spam registration prevention is a rather sticky wicket anything you do to prevent registrations by spammers also has at least the potential makes things more difficult for legit users. I’m about to try out wang guard for that heard good things about it.



    Thank you Ben. I’m heavily considering Waang Guard as well. I’ve heard great things about it, but with all the hoopla about all the different solutions, I’m trying to get a feel for all that everyone else is doing. I appreciate you chiming in. Hopefully I can get some more people to chime in with their suggestions as well.

    Also consider the honey pot method. It catches automated spammers but not human spammers.

    For human spammers you almost need to approve each user request. Which is a pretty big barrier to entry, I think. I’ve used this plugin to do that:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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