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spammer delete: The Nuclear Option

  • 3sixty


    BuddyPress admin option “Delete User” does not go far enough. Simply deleting the user leaves behind (1) a spam blog (since almost every spammer also sets up a blog) and (2) an entry in wp_signups, which in my opinion is useless database bloat (since we are not collecting an IP address and autobots never use the same username twice)

    There should be an option to at least wipe out the spam blog, if not also the wp_signup entry, at the same time as deleting the user.

    I want to build something like this but before I do, is anyone aware of a delete plugin that achieves a similar goal?

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  • Anton


    @3sixty – I’m also interested in something similar. I’ve added a member as a spammer and as you say it doesn’t add the blog as spam so the blog entries that member (spammer) made is still visible on the activity stream. need something that delete’s everything that spammer is related to.



    Actually, if you “Mark as Spammer”, I believe BP suspends the spammer’s blog too. The problem is with Delete. To expand on what I wrote earlier today,

    When you “Delete User”:

    1. The user is deleted from the Members list, but the URL to the Member profile is still reachable (I filed this as a bug at

    2. The spam blog is NOT deleted.

    3. The entry in wp_signups is NOT deleted.

    4. The entry in wpmu-users.php page is NOT deleted.

    Andrea Rennick


    Re #3 – if that record is deleted, they can sign up again using the exact same info. That record tho, is never displayed anywhere else.

    Really, the mass deletion of spammers shoudl be handled on the WordPress end, as ultimately that’s the menu your’re using.

    Without going and checking, I *think* you can sort the blogs/users so the spammers are all on one page, select all and delete all in one go.

    For more than a screenful, I do it with a SQL command right in the database.



    Along these lines…I haven’t seen much discussion about spammers lately.

    Am I still the only one getting 100+ per day?

    Please please please someone figure out how to make buddypress’s registration page reference the banned domain list!

    Shanni Einer


    You don’t want to delete users if they pose threats to your community because they can re-register using the same creds if you do so and they will continue to be a nuisance to you and your community forever if such is the case. I’m new to using bp, but have already figured out that to get rid of these suckers, this is what you do the easy way.

    Go to your user area in your dashboard – checkmark the user, change role to “blocked user”. Then, from the front end of your site, from your front end admin panel, go to the user and up top in admin options it will give you the options of what to do, mark them as a spammer. It doesn’t delete them, as I said – you don’t want to. But it disables them from everything and prevents them from being a neverending nightmare to your site.



    On my site I see a similar problem with a small difference, I have people register which makes them a “Subscriber” but they never confirm by email. I am not sure that all of them get the new user email or if my host trash cans some of them.

    Anyway, this leaves me with registered WP users that are not site members in Buddypress.

    My wish list would be for a plugin that would allow me to delete any WP user that had not confirmed in some time period.

    This is a self hosted site with WP 2.9.2 and the users cant write to the blogs so I don’t have that clean up to worry about.





    It’s a lot easier to do the whole thing from MySQL. One query, one click to mark 95% of spammers as spammers (or delete them if you want) and you can modify the query to do anything with anything they left behind them. I clean up their ‘activity’. Marked almost 400 spammers last night and only had to manually check and mark 4 or 5 more.

    Don’t hold your breath for a plugin – I did, and I went blue in the face :)



    what queries are you guys using to delete spammers?
    what is the fastest procedure within BP?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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