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Spamming Issues HELP!

  • Joyce


    Hello, I have a BuddyPress community & I am having issues with spam at the moment during the registration process. I have tried every plug-in that I am able to work myself, are there any other plug-in’s or ideas that anyone could give me? Thanks!

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  • I need that, too ! ;)




    registration process has nothing to do with BP, it’s WP stuff. For some technical answers to your question, be inspired by reading here:

    To avoid robot resgistration, there is nothing definitve to do at this time. But to get sure you don’t get a robot in your user list, you can add a mandatory field to your registration via custom profile fields.
    For example, “city”. Because this field is custom, no robot will fill it correctly. And most will not fill it at all. Each subscription with “doe” as city name or empty city field can be banned and/or erased from your DB. This will calm down spam activities for a while. The price of this is a constant admin work. But consider that a daily managed site is lesser spammed than a site with randomised webmastering each 31th february… And a site with 50 000 unique visitors will be more attacked that a 70 hits/day site. Just the price of glory, nothing to do with buddypress. [exit] ;-)



    Thanks for your reply & link! I appreciate it. :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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