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Specific Question still not resolved – BuddyPress, GoDaddy transfer to WPEngine

  • metasynchronic


    Hi, I asked this previously here and it was closed to replies, without actually answering my question, so I need to ask again –

    It *is* a BuddyPress question – the WPEngine information that I included was background. Will there be a problem with the database that I transfer *from* an automatic install of WordPress on GoDaddy to another host if I want to use BuddyPress, or will I have to rebuild the site from scratch?

    I asked the new host (WPengine) and they said I needed to ask the support forums here, which is why I posted that question, and I am reposting it. I hope this rephrasing makes it clearer that I am concerned with the database that I am transferring, and whether that will cause an issue with BuddyPress.

    Please advise, thank you, and I apologize for not phrasing it more clearly the first time around.

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  • @metasynchronic The post was closed as it wasn’t really a question that related directly to BP. it was in fact a question related more to servers and WP.

    Was the BP install working before, when you installed via the auto install script, generally the strong advice is to avoid those auto installers like the plague, but that doesn’t mean they are all bad, but it would be very hard for us to advice in detail unless someone has direct experience of this particular installer. It is something that perhaps wpengine could advice on or at least run the import, set you up and if there are issues then re-install on the new server (which I would probably do anyway), if you’re moving to a new server/hosting might as well make the move then resolve issues there?



    Ok, I understand what you are trying to say. I was just trying to avoid any potential conflicts before transferring the site, and hoping that if anyone knew in advance whether the auto-installed issue would transfer with the migrated site (meaning that it would be a pain in the tuchus to install BuddyPress) or if I would be fine – just because I’ve never worked with with BuddyPress or GoDaddy – separately OR together – and want to plan my time accordingly in advance. If it’s not a known quantity, then I’ll just do the transfer and see what happens, and then if I have issues I’ll return.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
  • The topic ‘Specific Question still not resolved – BuddyPress, GoDaddy transfer to WPEngine’ is closed to new replies.
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