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Still getting spammers!! HELP!

  • Tina


    I have been trying to get rid of (or greatly eliminate) my spammer problem…have installed these plugins:
    Buddypress Humanity
    Really Simple Captcha
    Si Captcha Anti-Spam
    Stop Spammer Registrations

    And I’m STILL getting spammers! I do currently have 2 fields on my registration form that are supposed to guard against spam…you can see it at I THINK I have them configured right…But I am still getting people joining that then message me with garbage like this:
    I saw your profile today and it was so good to me.u know that i am interested to be a friend first.i also believe that coming to you will be a probability of meeting that very love that has been lacking in my entire life. please i will like you to contact me direct to my e-mail address, ( i dont know the posebility of remaing in forum for long time,i will give you a full introduction of my self with my pictures ok. i will be waiting for your mail to my e-mail adsdress( as you know
    there is no age,race,colour n religion bar when it comes to true love,
    cares Grace.”


    Is the problem that these freaks that post this sort of stuff are actual PEOPLE, and not spambots? Is there ANY way to guard against this sort of things? Oh I’m SOOO frustrated! My members are getting this sort of message as well and I don’t want them to leave me in droves because of this!

    Any tips? I cannot be the only one dealing with this! Sigh!


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  • modemlooper


    You need to change the register slug. Pick something unique. Ex.

    This only blocks bots, people are getting paid pennies to sign up to sites so you can’t really block real people.

    If you can, look at server logs to see a pattern for spam. Then block ip or emails. I would block yahoo emails, they are a spam haven. You could also limit to Facebook login only.



    Thanks! That was simple enough! (changing registration slug)…didn’t realize there was that feature in Buddypress now, and that it would be that easy! Here’s hoping it helps!



    Nope, didn’t help. Still being bombarded by spam. About ready to ditch Buddypress altogether and go back to regular WordPress site. *sigh*



    Open registration with WP/BP or WP alone can bring in a lot of spam. That’s why you search over the net for ban hammer, re-captcha’s etc.

    It’s a fact of life take note again of what modemlooper said earlier > This only blocks bots, people are getting paid pennies to sign up to sites

    If you want to run a WP site with open registration (it’s not just a BP problem!) then you have to learn to deal with this aspect and be re-active in administering your site and members and marking these users as spammers.



    I am daily getting very much spams on
    no idea how.even tried plugin no use



    @placementmantra You have already been asked by @hnla to stop opening old threads. Not to be rude but isn’t it ironic that your asking for help with spam yet your kinda being spammy yourself. Anyway try this plugin, it is in beta but it may work for you:
    Download the beta version that has support for BP and bbPress.

    Thanks @bphelp.

    Closing this thread and any further that are re-opened @placementmantra

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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