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Styling BP only with existing child/theme

  • Gloak


    A couple of years ago, I discovered WP. Just loved it.
    Now BP 🙂
    But, just as WP in the beginning, it can be frustrating.

    I read most of the documentation dealing with BP as a theme, not as a plugin. This is by far the most confusing part from my perspective if trying to style BP. It’s not a theme, it’s a plugin
    Second, if we use the current child theme, BP has different top classes for each module (profile, sites, etc). So if I want to have font 14px only for BP, it seems that I need to have as many rules as the modules. I must be missing something :/

    After reading a whole ton of articles, and considering that I have already a child theme, one solution was to create a new page.php? If this is the route, I need to first learn about this, because this would be new territory for me.

    I have also created the bp-custom.php at the /plugins/ level, but it seems not to affecting the BP. I tried to disable the admin bar – define( ‘BP_DISABLE_ADMIN_BAR’, true – but it does not work.

    So still on my way to getting to the basics….
    But any help with the right way of styling BP only would be highly appreciated.

    Latest WP and WP versions.
    Multisite as a subdomain (and staging site) of the production multisite root/site.

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