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Submitting replying to activity post, return page is empty

  • garystriplett


    While on the activity stream page, posting an update works perfectly. Then, submitting a comment (reply), the return page is blank. The address bar URL is

    If I remove the /reply/ from the address bar and load the page, the reply comment is there. So, it’s just that the reply is posted, but does not return the updated activity stream page.

    I’ve checked and tried all that I can think of to correct the problem with no success. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. If additional information is required, please inform me.

    WordPress version: 3.5
    BuddyPress version: 1.6.2
    Site Link:

    Thank you.

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  • We’re aware: the bug report is at

    I think we’ll release a 1.6.3 soon.

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