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Subscribe to content / Profile redirection

  • adamlawson


    Hello all,

    My Name is Adam and I am very new to the WordPress/Buddypress scene. My experience with it has been outstanding. Its ease of use and many features makes this a valuable resource. I have some questions regarding WordPress and Buddypress integration. Once installed I will be running the latest version of both.

    Allow me to paint my scenario then asks my questions. Please respond to all that you can. I can also be contacted directly via email at">

    Thank you in advanced!

    I am creating a website that will be generating content (mostly articles) for specific categories. For sensitive reasons I will use bogus examples here. Some examples are Fashion, Design, Hair, Modeling etc… I want to integrate these articles with the social abilities of Buddypress. Providing the end user the ability to comment, post, share, re-post etc…

    The site home page will consist of a custom page (not posts) where users will see an aesthetically pleasing overview of the categories. Once they click on the category to read further detail they will be asked to create a profile. This is where the Buddypress integration comes in.

    The end user clicks on a category, and begins to fill out the profile questionnaire. Some questions would be, Age, Gender, Categories interested in etc… Once they fill this out they would be redirected to the page that they were originally interested in. At the bottom of the article will be a button for “My Dashboard”.

    What I would like to do is to create a sort of Dashboard for the user that would provide the articles/posts per the answers that they filled out in the Profile Questionnaire. Hence if I chose Fashion and Hair, I could click “My Dashboard” and view those articles. I would like the end user to be able to change this content whenever they want. Remove/add cotegories etc…

    In the broad sense of Buddypress I still want to use the Profile and Activity Streams. The end user could see new posts or other friends or groups activity, comments etc…

    So with that my questions would be this:

    1. Create a custom profile questionnaire

    2. Setup the redirection once the questionnaire has been filled out

    3. Create a Dashboard with content generated from the questionnaire

    4. Setup notifications to notify the user that their profile is not complete. For example “Profile Setup” like add more categories or invite friends, add profile photo etc…

    Again please answer all that you can. Who knows maybe there are plugins that manage these sorts of things.

    Thanks again, I greatly appreciate the input.

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  • @mercime


    There’s no public plugin that I know of that does what you want. You’d either have to code this yourself or hire a developer to do so.

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