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Suggestions for the activity component – bp 1.2

  • ousep


    I’m trying out bp trunk, on a wp trunk install. In particular, the activity section.

    Is there a way to specify settings on activity? Apart from via the theme files, ie.

    For instance, can an admin specify how deep nested replies can go? I’ve tried it out, and after the 10th one or so, it stops making sense for it to continue. In narrower screens, that would stop at 5 or 6, I guess.

    Additionally, nesting could be disabled completely, as in the comment settings.

    Disable replies on certain activity types – Not every activity needs a discussion. Instead of offering just “Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?”, split it up and offer this on every activity type, separately.

    Limit visible replies to an activity item to the latest (or the earliest) X number, a la facebook. On an active site, replies to activity could take up several scrolls worth of screen space. And if a visitor isn’t interested in that particular topic, the site loses that visitor. The rest of the replies could be shown and re-hidden on demand.

    Public replies to activity items: In many cases, updates would be taking the place of blogs, and should replies be limited to only registered users? The onus for moderating public replies can lie with either the the activity author, or the site admins.

    Does akismet work on activity replies?

    Hide certain activity types from showing on the activity page. Offer everything… let the site admins decide on what they want on the activity streams.

    Some of this might already be possible, but if these could be offered in the admin panel under Buddypress, it would make things much easier.

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  • Ezd



    I totally agree we need more options for controlling the activity stream. The column where the activity is in on has a min-width property and if you reduce the window to that min-width, nested reply’s from 7+ just gets cut off.

    Just like you said I think it would be nice if you could choose between:

    – Enable/disable nested reply’s

    – Enable/disable nested reply’s in certain types of activity updates

    – Limit nested reply’s

    – Hide functionality


    Right now you have to use a very wide column in your theme design in order to take advantage of nested reply’s. So the activity has to have a lot of space meaning less space to other elements and less space to make new creative layouts if your forced to use nested reply’s.

    I’m not sure everyone is interested in nested reply’s in their community business model either.

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