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Tabs not showing content after translation

  • Ann Christine


    I have a fresh install of the latest WPMU & BP. No other plugins.

    After translating BP to Danish the following tabs show no content:

    – All Members (NUMBER OF MEMBERS)

    – My Friends (NUMBER OF FRIENDS)

    – The tab for the alphabetical view etc.

    – All Groups (NUMBER OF GROUPS)

    – My Groups (NUMBER OF GROUPS)

    Here is an example:

    When clicking the parent page, ‘Members’ for instance, it all shows up correctly. But if I start clicking the Tab ‘All Members (NUMBER OF MEMBERS)’ it shows “No members found.”

    The English version works just fine allover.

    I have tried to look through the translation file, but I cannot see where this problem starts.

    Have any ideas? This is sooooo frustrating… :(

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  • danbpfr


    Do you use some special characters in your translation, some danish letters with ö or something ?

    Sometimes you have to change them to unicode, specially if such words are used in php format.

    Ann Christine


    my .po file does not contain the letters ‘æ’ ‘ø’ and ‘Ã¥’ which are the special danish letters. Those I have translated to for instance ‘æ’ etc.

    I have not edited any php files. Only the .po – which is why I am very confused as to why it should cause me trouble.

    The example picture which I link to above – the .po looks like this:

    #: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/groups-loop.php:57

    msgid “There were no groups found.”

    msgstr “Der blev ikke fundet nogle grupper.”

    #: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/index.php:17

    #, php-format

    msgid “All Groups (%s)”

    msgstr “Alle Grupper (%s)”


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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