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[Resolved] Template structure

  • koendb


    Hi, getting started with BP. Despite reading several pages and other topics with the same question I can’t figure out how to make use of custom templates.

    What i want:
    I want to change some templates. I need some more items on the profile page and want to remove some others. Hope this is possible the same way I’m used to adjust the templates in WP / bbpress. Add a child theme and copy the template files in there.

    This is what I tried:
    I made a buddypress.php file to replace the index.php and page.php and made a content-buddypress.php file, like written here. This file fires the_content() and that’s where I get lost.

    I read this in the template hierarchy file:

    Overview of Template Hierarchy in BuddyPress
    Single Member Pages
    If you are on a single member page, BuddyPress will use the following template hierarchy:
    (We will use the following URL as an example –

    1. /buddypress/members/single/index-id-{id}.php

    But I haven’t even got the directory mysite/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/members/single

    I see however that that used to be there in xx/buddypress/bp-templates/bbp-legacy/buddypress/members/single…

    Should I copy the files from that folder and copy them to my child theme?
    Or are these files older versions?
    Which files are used by my current (standard) installation?


    Buddypress 1.8.1
    WP 3.6.1

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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