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Template / Theme Question

  • OsirisRavenwood


    Hello I wanted to see if anyone knew of a tutorial to help me do what I what to accomplish?

    What I want to do is this

    I am using the Divi theme for a project im working on and i wanted to know if either there was Budypress profile shortcodes so i can style the buddypress pages the way i want to (i mean for the layout) or is there a tut somewhere that shows how to change or customize the page layouts?

    I guess what im ask could be better explaind like this

    if i make a child theme of divi (my template) is there a way i could say use the layout of a really cool buddypress theme ( the look of the page and the way its layed out) but only inside of my divi theme?

    I hope this question is clear enough.

    im using WordPress 3.9.1 and buddypress 2.0.1

    at this time i can’t publicly tell the url but if someone needs it they can msg me for it

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  • @mercime


    I am using the Divi theme

    @osirisravenwood last I heard, Divi was not compatible with BuddyPress. Please check at premium theme’s forums or with theme author whether this is no longer the case. To make the theme compatible, author could create a buddypress.php file for theme compatibility.

    is there a way i could say use the layout of a really cool buddypress theme

    BuddyPress renders the BP templates in compatible WP themes for the different BP components you’ll activate. You could style those accordingly with CSS tweaks or use BP template hierarchy as explained at



    Make a new folder in your theme root and call it “buddypress”.

    Inside you can make five more folders

    1. activity
    2. forums
    3. groups
    4. members
    5. blogs

    Inside these folders you can copy the template files from the buddypress plugin.
    The template files are in the buddypress plugin here:

    plugins > buddypress > bp-templates > bp-legacy > buddypress

    To alter profile pages you need to change the files in “member”.

    Hope that helps




    I am using a child theme so im my theme dir i only have this


    do i make the folder structure there? or in the actual template if the template then im going to have to repeat it every time the template updates right?



    buddypress (folder)
    -activity (folder
    -members (folder)
    -forums (folder)
    -groups (folder)

    @osirisravenwood to answer your last question, you work in the child theme NOT the parent, as soon as your running a child theme all work happens in that theme not the parent for the very reason you state earlier in requiring files re-adding back to theme on any updates, and the reason child themes exist in the main.

    Please do read links left on posts though, the one left earlier by mercime referencing the codex article was written to explain this aspect.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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