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[Resolved] Temporary username and one-time change

  • pixieblitz


    I’m running a multisite installation with buddypress, and I ended up with a list of names and e-mails of people that want to join. It’s not *huge*, so technically I could set a temporary username for all of them, and ask them to let me know what to change it to, then go in and update the database accordingly… But obviously that’s not ideal.

    Anyway, does anyone know of a way to enable a one-time username change from the admin area for users after their first login? It’s just really convenient to have a sign up sheet at events, and if I could reduce the number of steps, that’d be awesome. If not I could always just e-mail them asking to register themselves after the event, but again, that’s an extra step that I’d love to eliminate.

    PS – I know there are ways to use the e-mail as a login/username, but since the username is displayed in various places on the site, I’d rather avoid using the e-mails directly.

    Thank you guys!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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