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The Admin Bar of My WordPress Appears to Not Logged In Users

  • janurmas


    Hello, I have a bit issue on my site: after installing BuddyPress. My WordPress Admin Bar appears to non-logged-in users. I want to disable the admin bar for the non-logged-in users. Is it possible to do that?

    Then, how should I make the BuddyPress’ profile page becomes full-width instead of having a sidebar? And how to hide the header and footer for the BuddyPress pages? Because it’s a blog that has articles too, while the BuddyPress is just for the authors’ profile pages.

    I also want to list the articles under the author’s profile on my site. Could you please tell me how to set it? Is that possible to make it without doing some customization? Thank you, in advance!

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  • Shashi Kumar



    1. To hide admin bar to non-logged in user, you can use a plugin name Remove Dashboard Access.

    2. There is no direct method to make BuddyPress profile page full-width. You can achieve this by editing Buddypress templates. To do this
    Create a child theme
    Put Buddypress folder in your child theme and edit the profile template. To do we should understand the templating system of Buddypress. Here is a tutorial for that.

    3. You can use a plugin by Buddydev which lets you write posts from front end and add blog tab under user’s profile menu.

    Hope this help you.



    Hello, Mastershas! Thanks, for your help. Now the admin bar is removed from logged-in users. It was that simple. But I have no idea with how to do with customizing the BuddyPress theme. I think this would have some code tweakings. And the Buddydev is a good idea. I’m gonna try it. Many thanks!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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